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Greetings Alarm Mon family,

It seems January has already passed us by. It is February 1st already! Where does the time go? Maybe for our next app, we will find a lever than can freeze time! Can’t be too hard… right? As many of our fans have inquired about our team, here is an opportunity to look at our operations behind-the-scene.

YTN News (a major Korean news channel) aired a segment on Alarm Mon this past week.

















Click here to view in link below (Windows Media Player required)

Alternative link here:

Unfortunately, the entire piece is in Korean and for our non-Korean users, it may be a bit difficult to follow.

Please feel free to take a look and get an inside scoop of how we are bringing the Alarm Mon crew to life! Thank you and we continue to ask for your support into 2013!

Today, we are proud to launch our blog for Alarm Mon!

We hope to provide updates, stories, and team developments from this blog for all our users.

That being said, most of our team has stepped out of the Seoul office this week… for a global business trip!

San Francisco Trip Alarm Mon

Where else? We are now currently in Silicon Valley after a short trip to Europe to talk with mentors and venture capitalists on how to take Alarm Mon to the next level.

We are enjoying the famous bay area clam chowder while avidly introducing Henny Penny and the gang’s ability to help users stay awake!

Stay tuned with us! We have lot of things coming your way!

Alarm Mon Team, “Papa Bear”

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