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And the winner is…

Alarm Mon App Winner






Alarm Mon! What exactly did we win?

Alarm Mon was awarded the Innovation Award at KCC’s (Korea Communication Comission) 2nd Annual Best Mobile App Ceremony. We were part of a select group that was chosen out of 179 candidates for this distinction!

Our CEO is the person to the furthest right!

Our CEO is the person to the furthest right!







We would like to share this award with our fans around the world.ย Keep supporting us as we continue to improve this product and make your mornings that much better ๐Ÿ™‚

We wish that was in dollars as well!

We wish that was in dollars as well!

Greetings Alarm Mon family!

We wish everybody a productive and pleasant start to 2013!

Alarm Mon started 2013 with the release of the Floppy the Fish and were very excited about the response we had from our fans. Floppy the Fish is doing a great job in helping our fans wake up! (Black Cat may be getting a bit jealous…)

We wanted to also give an update about an exciting upcoming feature. It is the development of a badge system for Alarm Mon. We are in the current phase ofย designingย the badges and will leverage this system as a cool way to reward users in various ways.

We’ve also had more coverage of our Alarm Mon management team in local press. Here is a piece from the Korea Times. Please take a read below!

Alarm Mon press

We are excited to hear back from you. Send us a message with your feedback!

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