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Black Cat has landed another acting gig! Henny Penny too!
Seems like Black Cat is a natural for acting. In Alarm Mon’s first TV debut, Black Cat did a great job in front of the cameras. This time, Henny Penny has joined the gig!

The new Korean drama that will debut in the upcoming week is titled 일말의 순정.

Here are a few shots of Black Cat and Henny Penny doing what they do best! Making lives brighter!

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We will upload footage stills of the real broadcast when it airs!
Keep your eyes open for Alarm Mon!

Seasons Greetings!

Our Alarm Mon team has a special treat for our fans for this Christmas season.  In order to gain access to our Christmas gift, first update your Alarm Mon application!  (Our newest update will show a history page that shows 5 gift boxes).

In order to unlock the special feature, you must wake up within 10 seconds for 5 days! Each successful wake-up will unlock one box.

Unlock all five boxes and gain access to Alarm Mon’s new Christmas feature!

Christmas Feature Alarm Mon
With 2013 just around the corner, we would also like to take the time in this post to share with you some of the awards and PR press we have received.

Alarm Mon was awarded SK Telecom’s T-Store Award for Design Innovation.

T-Store Award
Alarm Mon was highlighted in Google’s official blog as one of Korea’s hot emerging startups!

Google Official Blog Picture
Thank you to all our fans for all the support in 2012! It has been too much fun… Let us continue our journey together into 2013!

-“D Bear” Alarm Mon

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