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Greetings! It’s Thursday! For our Alarm Mon users in Korea, tomorrow is a national holiday! Samil Independence Movement Day!

Have you scheduled something exciting? Or… will everybody be snoozing?!

Black Cat




Alarm Mon has been updated recently for both iPhone and Android versions.

Before we introduce the updates, here are some key features about Alarm Mon.

Key features

  • Provide variety of Alarm Mon characters with their own unique sounds and interesting stories
  • Choose your alarm ring modes between sound and vibration
  • Alarm rings even if you are on the phone or using other applications
  • Set table clock mode with your favorite character
  • Get a stamp day by day when you get up in the morning with Alarm Mon

PopUp Update

Alarm Mon application for Android has been updated to v3.2.2 on Feb. 24th.

  • Fixed Facebook linking bug
  • Optimized for tablet devices such as Nexus 7

Alarm Mon application for iPhone has been updated to v1.53 on Feb.21st.

New functions in Alarm Mon v1.53

  • Invite your friends through Facebook!!
  • Provide Japanese, Thai, and Chinese language

Now all of you ,both Android and iPhone users, enjoy getting up in the morning with your Facebook friends!!

Bready Story

Malang Studio, lets get it!

Alarm Mon Family has received a new member into our family!

We are proud to present Floppy the Fish!

Floppy the Fish is one of the more lazier characters in our family. In fact, Floppy is a fish that prefers to swim with a tube! Sleeping in and just floating around is what Floppy does best. Floppy does not like to clean up! Take a look below.

Floppy the Fish

You can unlock Floppy the Fish through two ways:
1) Unlock each of the six puzzle pieces (Wake up within 20 seconds to receive a puzzle piece)
2) Share Floppy the Fish through Facebook and unlock immediately!

It is up to you to help Floppy turn off all the multiple sirens and clean up the mess! Best of Luck!


Alarm Mon Download link



-Papa Bear “Alarm Mon”

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