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Hello, this is AlarmMon.
Thank you all for participating in the event and enjoying AB6IX Alarm.
We really appreciate your support.

Now here are the final rankings.

[AB6IX Autographed CD(3 Winners)]
Jem***** Manalaysay +6390****6098
권*진 010****8891
권*이 010****4035

Gift shipping may take about 1-2 weeks.
Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this event.

Hello! Greetings from Team Alarmmon.
Thank you so much all for using AB6IX Alarms!

As many of you’re wondering, we’d like to share with you the current rankings of the event.


  1. 권*이
  2. 권*진
  3. 조*진
  4. Je****yn M********y
  5. 강*은
  6. El***a Ma**z M*****d
  7. 가*다 *노
  8. 최*임
  9. 양*영
  10. 서*주
  11. 배*리
  12. 강*진
  13. 사*빈
  14. 이*은
  15. 유*현
  16. 안*민
  17. 배*은
  18. 안*은


Who would win the autographed CD at the end?
Please stay tuned for the final result!


Thank you,

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