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K-pop stars, move over!! Henny Penny & the Alarm Mon crew have arrived!

Alarm Mon Thailand

Last week, Alarm Mon took stage at Hello Korea K-pop event! Hello Korea is a event in Thailand that showcases K-pop music and upcoming artists. The event also provides an opportunity for K-pop fans to showcase their K-pop dance moves.


Our team was very excited to see many our Thai fans in person. We had a great time interacting with our users and introducing our brand to first time users.  We give special kuddos to those fans who came on stage to participate in our Alarm Mon game.

Thank you again for all the support from our Thai fans! We will continue to promote more offline community!

HelloKorea Thailand

Would you like to see Alarm Mon events in your area? Let us know!

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Malang studio is proud to present Lay + Alarm Mon!


Lay + AlarmMon is  revamped with Alarm Mon and Layworld characters in clay & 3D form! We worked with Layworld, a game studio that focuses on games that the whole family, to make our claymation version come to life . Lay + AlarmMon is available currently only for the iOS version.  iPhone and iPad users, please go to Apple App Store to download the app.


Take a look at the app content with the clay characters. It is a fresh new look for the characters!


Lay + AlarmMon provides similar functions as AlarmMon but with a new look!

– Provide unique alarm sound with adorable characters and stories
– Choose sound or vibration mode for your alarm.
– Get to review your every morning history.

You will also meet new characters as well!


Lay + AlarmMon characters:

1. Henny Penny
2. Black Cat
3. Bready
4. Remy
5. Tril

Please go to App Store ( and download Lay + AlarmMon now!

Thank you for the continued support! Send us your thoughts on the new app! We would like to hear from you~


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