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Please check the following settings:


√ Do you have a memory optimizer or battery saver app (e.g. Clean master, Battery Saver, etc.) installed on your device?
: If so, please exclude AlarmMon from the battery saving list in those apps.


√ Is AlarmMon set to power saving mode on your device?
: Please go to [Settings] on your device > [Device maintenance] > [Battery] and add AlarmMon to [Unmonitored apps]. * Please note that this only applies to OS 7.0 or later.


√ Is your alarm notification off?
: Please go to [Settings] on your device > [Notification] > [AlarmMon] > [Notification] and make sure it’s on. If there’s a setting for [Important Only], please turn it on as well.



If you’re still facing the same issue, please contact us through [More] > [Contact Us] in the app. To help us resolve the issue faster, please make sure to mention that you’ve tried all the solutions above.

More ways you can earn points will be added every week, so please check [More] > [Points used] on a frequent basis.

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