There was a change in usage as the recent Google policy limited the arbitrary running of the alarm screen at the top.
As a result, after the update, the screen will be turned on and a pop-up window will be accompanied by a “Time to wake up!” note bar and sound.
You have to click on the notification to get the alarm screen.

In order to receive a pop-up or notification of the AlarmMon while locked or the screen is turned on, both new and existing users must execute the following two tasks.

1. Reset the importance of notification type – [Alarm Time] or [IMPORTANCE_HIGH] alarm time to “Default Emergency”.

2.Please update the app version of AlarmMon to the most recent version in the store.

3. Set [Notification Time] – [Notification Style] to “Sound and Pop-up Notification” or set all notification and pop-up permissions of the AlarmMon to Allow.

If you do not set the settings corresponding to the above, the alarm may fail to open properly when the screen is on or when the screen is on.

(*For Galaxy users, [Always on display] function may also restrict alarm of AlarmMon.
If possible, disable it and use it.)

If you’re still facing the issue, please contact us through [More] > [Contact Us] at the bottom right corner of the app. To help us resolve the issue faster, please make sure to mention that you’ve tried all the solutions above.