For iPhone users, please note that iOS only allows the alarms to work while the app is running in the background.
Please see below for more details.


√ Is your alarm notification off?
: Please go to [Settings] on your device > [Notifications] > [AlarmMon] > and make sure all the notifications are on.


√ Have you closed AlarmMon from the background?
: If you close AlarmMon from the background, the alarms will go off based on the device setting (ringtone, silent or vibration). If you’re one of those people who only set your phone on vibration or silent mode, please make sure you don’t close the app from the background.

Sometimes, iOS may close AlarmMon from the background to save memory or perform updates, etc. When your phone is on silent or Do Not Disturb mode when that happens, notifications will be sent without sounds or vibration. In order to avoid that happening, please make sure the device is not on silent or Do Not Disturb mode.


#Silent refers to the mode where your setting is set to “off” in the [Settings] > [Sounds] > [Vibrate on Silent].


** Please restart the app in the following cases:

– When you’ve turned off and restarted the device
– OS updates
– AlarmMon updates
– Low power mode turned on




If you’re still facing the issue, please contact us through [More] > [Contact Us] at the bottom right corner of the app. To help us resolve the issue faster, please make sure to mention that you’ve tried all the solutions above.