Hello, this is AlarmMon.
We would like to announce the winners of PENTAGON Event.

The gift will be sent out this week and we’ll individually contact the winners when it is shipped.

[PENTAGON Autographed CD (5 Winners)]
채*주 010****2283
백*솜 010****7523
전*희 010****0627
MU**** MI***** 80******09
Kr*****yn C. T**** 95******50

[PENTAGON Autographed Polaroid (10 Winners)]
손*희 010****9704
이*빈 010****3728
이*기 010****5666
전*경 010****9406
조*란 010****3989
황*원 010****1401
김*하 010****9454
Ma***** V*n Pe****em 010****6513
EN** YU**** 80******36
Na***** Ch** 14*******88

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this event.