Hello, this is AlarmMon!

If you are using an iphone, there are a couple of things you should check to make sure that your alarms go off properly.

1. After setting alarms, please don’t close the app from background by pressing ‘Home’ twice.

AlarmMon should run in background in order for the alarm to go off as the character you set.
If AlarmMon is force closed, your alarm will go off as Pico(Chicken), not the character you set.

2. Alarms will go off properly on “silent mode” only when the app runs in background.

If AlarmMon doesn’t run in background, there will only be vibration ringing on “silent mode.”

3. When AlarmMon doesn’t run in background,

Silent Mode : “It’s time to wake up” push notification will constantly go off with vibration without any sounds.
Ring Mode : Instead of the character you set, Pico(chicken) Alarm will go off with the volume level set on the phone.

4. It will not make any sounds if iPhone is on “Do Not Disturb” mode.

5. Please active the sound switch to “On”, on Settings > Notifications > AlarmMon.

If you open the app before going to sleep and keep it running in background, the alarm will go off properly.

Thank you.