[How to Participate]
‘Event Ticket’ will be delivered to your gift box when you purchase WINNER Alarm
Enter your name and contact number on the ticket and you’re all set!

[Event Period]
Feb. 11st, 2016 (Thursday) ~ Mar. 17th, 2016 (Thursday)
(For 5 weeks / 500 people every week)

[Event Gift]
– WINNER EXIT : E Autographed CD
– WINNER Alarm NFC Sticker 6 Pcs (1 for each member, 1 for the group)
– WINNER Alarm NFC Sticker 1 Pc (Random)

[Winner Announcement & Gift Delivery]
– The gift will be delivered to the winner every drawing day, after confirming the contact number and shipping address.
– The delivery service will be registered within one week after the winner announcement.

[Winner Drawing Day]
1st Drawing(purchase until Feb. 18th) – Feb. 26th
2nd Drawing(purchase until Feb. 25th) – Feb. 26th
3rd Drawing(purchase until Mar. 3rd) – Mar. 4th
4th Drawing(purchase until Mar. 10th) – Mar. 11st
5th Drawing(purchase until Mar. 17th) – Mar. 18th
* If any date changes occur, the winners will be informed individually.

[NFC Sticker Guide]
– You can turn off the WINNER Alarm by tapping your phone to the member’s sticker. (e.g. Seung Yoon Alarm = Seung Yoon Sticker)
– NFC is only supported on Android OS/devices. (Not supported on iOS due to the device issue)
– It may not work properly if the internal circuit gets damaged, which happens when you try to move the sticker that is already attached.

– When you purchase WINNER Alarm Package, an event ticket will be delivered to your gift box. (1 ticket per 1 package of all types)
– Please check your ticket from the gift box after purchasing WINNER Alarm.
– Users who have purchased during the previous draw will be also included in the lucky draw.

– Actual product may differ from the image shown. The products can be altered without prior notice depending on the circumstances.
– Delivery may not be done if the recipient information entered is incorrect. We do not resend any returned packages.
– Any personal information you provide for the event will be destroyed 10 days after the close of the event.