Hey guys! It’s me, Alarmmon, who is always neat and clean!

By the way, have you heard that Mr. Panpaka who adores underwear is back with the new alarm!? Hooray~

Let’s go and put some smooth and clean panties on Mr. Panpaka!!!


You can easily find him wearing a red underwear on the shop!


While touching the screen with your finger and moving it left and right, you can help Panpaka avoid the old, ripped panties! At the end when you finally succeed in putting the red panty on him, you will win the game!


If you ever let Panpaka put on the ripped panties, he will instantly fall down! So make sure you don’t fail to save his life by putting a nice underwear on him!

Please help our friend Panpaka!! We count on you~

Let’s go and put some clean panties on him right now!

@ from AlarmMon who feels like buying a nice red panty ❤