(Brand new alarm) Spend your Christmas with AlarmMon!

Merry Early Christmas!!! I’m overly excited that I don’t even know what to do! Hohoho~~

By celebrating Christmas, AlarmMon has released a super cute Merry Merry Christmas alarm!










The thought of having to spend even a special day like Christmas with AlarmMon… it could be a little sad for you, but guess what! We have each other so let’s not be too lonely!

Don’t you dare leave Alarmmon~~~

You can find the adorable Merry Merry Christmas alarm on the shop!!!


You can succeed in turning off the Christmas alarm once you drag Pico, Din, and Cheese into the right sock!

You will wake up in the morning to the catchy rhythm of Christmas carol >_<! You might even end up dancing to this beat forevermore!!


Look at our friends Pico and Din! They look wonderful and fully prepared for Christmas with those new outfits! 🙂


You won’t be lonely on Christmas as long as you’re with AlarmMon!

And we won’t be lonely either because you’re with us!!!

So thank you heaps! We’re unbelievably grateful for having you guys around! >_<

@ from AlarmMon who is super excited to get Christmas presents from Santa Claus ❤