Hello! It’s AlarmMon that keeps developing each day!

Whenever you change your phone, or have to use other devices, don’t you have a hard time inserting all your alarm lists all over again?

In our latest 5.7.5 version, you can experience the new “sync my alarm list” which has been updated!


If you tap the (more) button and go to (settings), you will be able to see the (Sync my alarm list) button~


Then you can tap “upload alarm list in server” and save the alarm list that you have set.

After that, when you press the “Download alarm list from server” button, you can immediately sync your alarm that has been saved before.

Only the basic alarm lists that have been set, excluding the quick alarm and snooze alarm, will be uploaded in the server.


Please keep in mind that when you download a new alarm list from server, the former one that you have set before will be deleted!


By syncing the alarm list, you can have control over your morning more conveniently and easily!

@from Alarmmon who strives to improve and be better in every way, everyday!