Haven’t you met Tuzki yet with the Alarmmon Season 2? Tuzki is one of the very popular characters in Asia.

Today, we will take a look into Tuzki alarmmon.

You can meet him first at the Alarmmon selection screen.

Looking at the Tuzki Alarm, you will see that there are four Tuzkis that are ballet dancers (dancing to Swan Lake music).

As time passes, Tuzkis stop the ballet dancing and turn into a rock & roll band, playing loud music (it’s too loud!).

To stop the play, rub each Tuzki with a finger, so you can take away those musical instruments.


Tuzkis will become sad but you will be happy to turn off your alarm!


Tomorrow morning, why don’t you start a day with Tuzkis’ Swan Lake – dance and rock version altogether!?