In this posting, we will go over various Alarm Settings in the Alarm Settings screen.

Let’s start with tapping configuration button on the upper-right corner of the Alarmmon Menu screen!

Once you press the ‘Settings’ button in the configuration screen,  you will see various settings as the picture below.

‘Deleting Alarms/Alarm Histories’ buttons are pretty self-explanatory and easy to understand what they are for.

ImageIn Season 2, we have added  ‘Weather’ button. Once you activate the ‘Weather On’, weather update in your location will automatically show up in the screen when you turn off the alarm.  We have added this setting to help you better prepared when you leave home for work or school.


Next is ‘Notifications’ button. Once you activate ‘Notifications’, you will see Alarmmon icon shown in the top of your phone screen. This is to let you know that Alarmmon is set to go off at a time you have set, so that you know for sure that Alarmmon is on and will go off at a pre-set time, so that you won’t be late to work, school or meetings.


Now, you can turn-on or –off your Notifications button. If you have a bad habit of forgetting to turn on your alarm every night, I suggest that you leave the Notifications On, so that you know if your Alarmmon is on or not by simply checking to see Alarmmon icon on the phone screen.

This is our last posting on ‘Mastering Alarmmon Season 2’.  I hope that we have answered all your questions about various features in Season 2.  In case you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by sending your message at Contact Us on our Alarmmon Menu screen which shows up after you tap the configuration button right next to History tab. We hope you will enjoy Alarmmon Season 2!