We would like to introduce our newest member of Alarmmon, Bready the Prince.  Bready the Prince is a premium version of Bready and offers a new fun interaction as a mission to turn off the alarm. It also has three levels of difficulty to complete the mission.

You can simply use the control panel on the right side of the character selection screen to select your preferred level of difficulty.

Let’s show you how you can complete the mission!


Bready the Prince needs to attend his coronation ceremony but his egg crown has disappeared!

Wake up quickly and help him wear his egg toast crown!

Pictured above is a screen shot showing you how you can turn off the Bready the Prince alarmmon.

  1. Click the dish, then an egg crown will show up!

Image            2. Use your wrist snap and take a motion as if you are throwing your phone forward to Bready the Prince!

Once you take a motion, the egg toast crown will fly over to the Prince’s head. The Prince is constantly moving. So, you need to time your motion right. The mission is accomplished when the egg toast lands on the Prince’s head. The alarm will also stop.

Depending upon the game level, the Prince’s movement becomes more unpredictable and it gets more difficult to land the egg toaster on the Prince’s head.  


Put the egg toast crown on Bready the Prince like in the picture above!

If you fail to complete the mission in 20 seconds, he will end up attending his coronation with a sad face.

Start your morning with Bready the Prince and help him wear his favorite egg toast crown at his coronation!