Next, we would like to introduce Lengtoo and Tiny Farm’s Little Sheep.

Lengtoo is one of the most popular characters in China. We invited him to Alarmmon World this summer. Lengtoo has been making ice flakes for carrot smoothies for Alarmmon World during the hot summer.


To turn Lengtoo alarm off, you need to repeatedly touch Lengtoo’s face until every ice bar underneath the mixer becomes fully blue.

Next Alarmmon is Tiny Farm’s Little Ship, a cute lovely farm animal from Tiny Farm.

Every morning, the Little Ship gets hungry.


To turn off Tiny Farm alarm, feed Tiny Farm’s sheep by dragging hay to the mouth of sheep.

You need to bring hay stack to her twice to turn off the alarm.

Why don’t you have a refreshing morning  with Lengtoo and Tiny Farm ;-p?