Unlike other alarm applications, Alarmmon requires that users play and complete the game in order to turn off alarms.  Some of Alarmmon users have asked us about how to play the game for each Alarmmon.  So, we have prepared the Alarmmon game tutorial.

The Alarmmons that we will master in this posting today are Henny Penny and Black Cat

A special feature of Henny Penny and Black Cat is their unique sounds rather than game plays.  Henny Penny and Black Cat are for those who want just simple and loud alarms. All you need to stop alarm is simply press the turn-off button. As mentioned in a previous posting,  you can also use ‘Snooze’ feature to repeat the alarm at the fixed time interval.



Many of Alarmmon users seem to like Henny Penny and Black Cat as they are simple alarms; at the same time, they may also want to protect hard-working Henny from trouble-maker BlackCat!

Why don’t you start a refreshing morning tomorrow with Henny Penny and Black Cat ;-p???