Today, we will check an improved feature of Alarmmon Season 2.

It relates to the main alarm feature.

Let’s begin from the first page with the alarm list


Press the yellow button on the bottom of the screen. Then, both ‘Quick Alarm’ and ‘Alarm’ button show up on the left and right, respectively.


Press the yellow button and drag it to the right to the ‘Alarm’ button,
The ‘Alarm’ control panel will show up immediately as the image below. In the new improved Alarmmon Season 2, we have added the ‘Alarm memo’ function on the Alarm control panel as a many of Alarmmon users have requested. Now you can set alarms for meetings and other occasions during the day by noting in the Alarm memo box. The memo will pop up when the alarm goes off so you know why the alarm has been set just in case you have forgotten.


Next, you can set repetition of the alarm over the week. You can set the alarm for every day, weekdays only, weekends only, or any particular day separately once you touch each day’s button.
All days: Mon ~ Sun
Weekdays: Mon ~ Fri
Weekends: Saturday, Sunday
Below the alarm repetition, you can see ‘Type’, ‘Volume’, and “Snooze time” boxes.
Type: choose ‘Sound’ or ‘Mute (vibration)’
Volume: set the alarm sound volume or vibration intensity
Snooze time: we will explain it in our next posting!

We hope you all wake up to a fun alarm every morning with Alarmmon Season 2!
See you at our next posting on ‘Mastering Alarmmon Season 2’!