We are happy to share the news that we have launched the new and improved Alarmmon season 2 service this week! But, it makes us so sad that there are still people who haven’t tried our new Alarmmon service yet. So, we have decided to start posting the “Mastering Alarmmon Season2” news to introduce the new Alarmmon season 2 features to let you know what’s new in the new Alarmmon.
Let’s begin with the ‘Quick Alarm’ function first! The picture below shows the first page with the alarm list.


Press the yellow button on the bottom of the screen


Then, both ‘Quick Alarm’ and ‘Alarm’ button show up on the left and right, respectively. ‘Quick Alarm’ is simply a timer that sets alarm to ring at the fixed minutes later.


So, press the yellow button and drag it to the left to the ‘Quick Alarm’ button. You will then see the screen (we call it the Quick Alarm control panel) as below. You can choose 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes. Once you press ‘1’ or ‘5’ of the panel, then the alarm will go off in 1 minute or minutes. What if you press ‘30’ twice? Then, an alarm will ring after an hour! In addition, by dragging along the alarm timer clock, you can set the timer up to 12 hours later.


The default option of the ‘Quick Alarm’ is set as a mute (vibration). To change the option to a sound alarm, hit the vibration icon and you will see the sound icon.
The ‘Quick Alarm’ is very simple and convenient. It minimizes efforts to set and turn off the alarm as it randomly select alarm character and you can just turn it off by simply pressing the turn-off button.
Here are some reasons why you want to use Quick Alarm.

  1. When you are cooking. You don’t want to overcook!
  2. When you need to take pills in 30 minutes after the meal
  3. When you are taking a prep test and you need to time it to make sure that you can finish on time!

Any other occasions you want to use it for? Please let us know!