Tuzki and AlarmMon collaborate to brighten up mornings!

Our team is proud to announce that Tuzki will be released very soon in AlarmMon! Who exactly is Tuzki? Many of our users in Asia are quite familiar with Tuzki. For those who are not so familiar, Tuzki is one of the top rising start characters from China. He is a simple black and white bunny who gained popularity for his wacky body language but faceless expression.


Tuzki has already landed in AlarmMon and the AlarmMon crew is more than excited to meet Tuzki in person. We were able to snap a photo of the first meeting between Tuzki and AlarmMon below. Take a look!

Tuzki and AlarmMon

Tuzki says there is a special gift for AlarmMon users! We will have to wait and see what this is! We will update when Tuzki is available to use in AlarmMon!

That’s it folks!

-AlarmMon team