Tomorrow is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT DAY for Korean students! Think D-day for all Korean students! It is the day when Korean students take the college entrance exams! Many Korean students have prepared all their lives (endless nights of cram schools and tutors) for this one exam. How important is it? Businesses all over Korea allow employees to come to work a bit later than usual so that public transportation are not over-crowded and anxious students can arrive to test locations on time!

Given the ultra-competitive nature and societal pressure to perform well on this test and enter a prestigious school, students  have developed superstitions regarding this test.

A common thing to do eat on this once-in-a-lifetime test day is pumpkin taffy. The idea is that eating sticky foods will help students retain the information they crammed the night before! Some students do not wash the night before and you will see students with messy, crazy hair. The logic is similar. Washing your hair before the test may cause the information you studied to leak out of your head!

To all the students in Korea, remember to set your alarms extra loud (Black Cat, Dooby and Henny Penny ) and absolutely no SNOOZING!

We wish the students of Korea the best of luck tomorrow!

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