Greetings AlarmMon Family,

Singuri has wrecked his new shoes in AlarmMon World. As you may know, Singuri is quite fond of his shoes and needs a new pair.  He carries them when it rains, cleans them at home and is always on the lookout for his style of shoes! We want to ask YOU to help Singuri design his new pair!

Contest details are listed below:


How to participate:
1. Download or save ‘Singuri Shoe’ image
2. Design the template* (Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Smartphone drawing tools)
3. Send finished template to

Campaign details: 
Date:  Accepting designs from September 1st to 30th!
Prize: Best design prize: A pair of any shoes you want! (150,000 Won max)
(Singuri to wear winning design in next app update!)

*Save jpeg template below to your desktop or mobile!

Singuri Shoe Template


Good luck!