Beyond the Studio: Creating Dooby! Interview with Violet Kim.

Malang Studio Designer

Malang Studio Designer

1. Walk me through your ideation process for creating theDooby character

Typically, our CEO gives me a rough idea and some requirements on the new character.For example, before making Dooby, CEOtold me he wanted a water-based character and its characteristics should be introverted and nice enough to become Henny Penny’s friend. I brainstormed some ideas and made a suggestion, ”How about making a turtle?”The response from the CEO was positive and I started to draw sketches and make modifications.

Also, when a new character is being developed, a holistic view on its influence on AlarmMon should be concerned. Standing from a larger picture, I always think about the role of this new comer in the whole AlarmMon family and how this character could add variety and blend well with other characters. Consequently, more detailed characteristics and hobbies of this character naturally flow into my mind, and a further step is to relate these dispositions with the shape of character. Additionally, with respect to Dooby, we made a specific living environment.For now, Henny Penny, his friend doesn’t have one for himself, and it might be a high time that we create homes for our characters.

2. In order to bring a character to life, what is the basic designing process?

We make basic sketches of the key components of the character. After we take a look at which points will define the character, we begin shading the character as well.



The very first sketch of Dooby in fact looked like a Pokemon monster. Also in order to add some spice to this character, I designed some flowers in its belly pocket, then the character indeed looked like a combination of kangaroo and a Pokeman, which was counter toour CEO’s expectation. Our CEO actually wanted a cuter and more natural one, so I put this aside and started the whole process from the beginning




The second sketch was quite different in shape. The shape is really important for a character, like bulge shape tends to be more common for a muscular character, while circular and big shapes mean pure and naïve characteristics. I purposely designed big eyes for Dooby to set off its naive and pure characteristics. Also adding a flower made sense for such a lovely character.

3. Did u refer to any other existing turtle characters for making the image of Dooby? Did you receive any inspiration from big animation companies like Pixel, Disney ,etc.

Prior to making my original Dooby sketch, I did search for ‘turtle character’ on google until the bottom page. It’s both for avoiding overlap with other companies’ characters and possibly seeking inspiration. Nevertheless, frankly speaking, I didn’t find any turtle character appealing or having distinct design, so again I turned to myself and waited for fascinating ideas popping up.

4. How long does it take to finish the new character and what do you think is the most difficult part?

The time required really depends on case by case. For Dooby, it took about one and a half month to finish; while another character, rabbit, almost directly popped up in my mind and took me less than 5 minutes to draw down.

Sinceit’s called AlarmMon, I always wanted to add some gamified elements on Dooby’s design to make it look more monster without too much twist on its nature. Therefore,balancing the natural turtle look and its unique elements was the hardest part of the whole design.

5. How do you choose the colors for the character? Are there any rules or tips of color blending that you follow? Or you purely use your own imagination

Once again, the starting point is the family photo of AlarmMon World, to say, we’ve already had black, red, brown and white in our existing characters, so I tend to add blue, green or yellow to balance and achieve variety. Also, concerning rabbit, there could be a bunch of colors to use, because rabbits themselves could have various colors, black, white, grey, etc. However, when it comes to turtle, there is a fixed sensation that a turtle should be always green, which leaves us with limited choices.

The overall color is surely green and the first time when I tried to balance it with light yellow, I felt that more gravity should be added and also I painted the bumps on its shell orange to pinpoint the characteristics.