Ladies & Gentlemen,
Malang studio is proud to present Lay + Alarm Mon!


Lay + AlarmMon is  revamped with Alarm Mon and Layworld characters in clay & 3D form! We worked with Layworld, a game studio that focuses on games that the whole family, to make our claymation version come to life . Lay + AlarmMon is available currently only for the iOS version.  iPhone and iPad users, please go to Apple App Store to download the app.


Take a look at the app content with the clay characters. It is a fresh new look for the characters!


Lay + AlarmMon provides similar functions as AlarmMon but with a new look!

– Provide unique alarm sound with adorable characters and stories
– Choose sound or vibration mode for your alarm.
– Get to review your every morning history.

You will also meet new characters as well!


Lay + AlarmMon characters:

1. Henny Penny
2. Black Cat
3. Bready
4. Remy
5. Tril

Please go to App Store ( and download Lay + AlarmMon now!

Thank you for the continued support! Send us your thoughts on the new app! We would like to hear from you~