Stop Snoozing Campaign in Thailand!

We want to thank all the Thai Alarm Mon fans who participated in the Stop Snoozing campaign! During March, we held a photo-uploading campaign with Alarm Mon Thai users on Instagram. We asked our fans in Thailand to snap a photo of themselves in the morning!


The rules were simple:

1. Get up in the morning with Alarm Mon.
2. Take a picture of you.
3. Go into Instagram and upload the photo with hash tag #stopsnoozingth.
4. Top three favorited photos get a prize!

We were happy to see a good response from our Thai users and their fun photos. Great to see all of your bright faces in the morning! πŸ™‚

StopSnoozing 2

We are planning to have more exciting events not only for our Thai users but also for all our Alarm Mon users around the world. Special shoutout to “naya_rb” “heligopter” and “chana_sinsab,” our three winners who will receive an Alarm Mon special gift package!
Stay tuned (…and Stop Snoozing!)