Waking up is hard! We know…

There have been many ideas put forth on how to avoid hitting that snooze button and waking up on time! Many ideas have been creative, others funny, and some downright evil!

We have compiled some of these past ideas for your reading pleasure~

Money Shredding Alarm!
How it works: Insert money. A set time period before it begins to shred your money!

Money Bill Alarm







Conclusion: A bit hardcore approach and perhaps illegal? Lets try something less expensive.

Rockstar Alarm!
How it works: Connect your alarm clock to your amplifier. Become a rockstar every morning!

Amp Alarm







Conclusion: Your neighbors will plot against you. Lets try something less intrusive.

Master the Cube Alarm!
How it works: Solve the rubix cube to turn the alarm off.

Rubix cube alarm










Conclusion: Your stress level may peak. Lets try something less demanding.

Shoot-to-snooze Alarm!
How it works: Hit the bullseye to turn off the alarm!

Shooting alarm








Conclusion: I can’t even shoot the target during mid-day! Lets try something less skillful.


How it works: Catch the alarm and turn it off!

Rolling alarm






Conclusion: I don’t want to dead lift my furniture every morning! Lets try something less heavy.

Standard 3 Snooze Setting!
How it works: (You’ve done it before…)









Conclusion: Doesn’t really work. Lets try…



Waking up with the Alarm Mon Crew.






Our characters are ready to wake you up and get your morning started off right!

Wake up with our friends through mini-challenges and forget about hitting that snooze button!