Alarm Mon Family has received a new member into our family!

We are proud to present Floppy the Fish!

Floppy the Fish is one of the more lazier characters in our family. In fact, Floppy is a fish that prefers to swim with a tube! Sleeping in and just floating around is what Floppy does best. Floppy does not like to clean up! Take a look below.

Floppy the Fish

You can unlock Floppy the Fish through two ways:
1) Unlock each of the six puzzle pieces (Wake up within 20 seconds to receive a puzzle piece)
2) Share Floppy the Fish through Facebook and unlock immediately!

It is up to you to help Floppy turn off all the multiple sirens and clean up the mess! Best of Luck!


Alarm Mon Download link



-Papa Bear “Alarm Mon”